In this video I do an overview of the noise reduction features that darktable offers. I also do a comparison with AfterShot Pro and NoiseNinja.

There are a lot of different modules for noise reduction in darktable which can be a bit confusing. I cover all of the modules in this video, and make some suggestions on which type of noise reduction is best.

The modules I introduce and compare are:

  • denoise (bilateral filter)
  • denoise (non-local means)
  • denoise (profiled)
  • equalizer
  • raw demoise

Here are the 100% crops for pixel peeping. Here are a couple of articles that go into more detail on sharpening techniques: Cambridge in Colour’s Guide To Image Sharpening and Image resizing for the web & email

And here’s a video done in an earlier version of darktable on denoising done by Pascal.

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