Continuing my series of RAW edits in darktable, here’s another image from the FroKnowsPhoto forum. This is a two-part edit, the first part being work in darktable, and the second part finishing off the image in GIMP.

In the first video I use the the current (as of 24-08-2013) development version of darktable (1.3+838) which will eventually become version 1.4 to do the basic enhancements, and then I use the GIMP to remove blemishes and smooth the skin.

Here’s a summary of the edits I make:
* spot white balance to warm up the image
* exposure (and blacks) to brighten the face and increase the richness of the colour
* tone curve to tweak the image’s gamma
* spot removal for the biggest blemishes
* exposure with drawn masks to brighten the eyes plus the equalizer to increase the saturation in the eyes

In the second video I use the GIMP to finish off the image I exported from darktable in my previous video. I use some techniques from one of Patrick David’s blog post to remove blemishes and smooth the skin, namely wavelet decompose and the heal tool.

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