After our recent trip to Switzerland, I came back with a great shot for demoing how to deal with high dynamic range. A lot of what we do as photographers is dealing with the limitations that our equipment put onto us. Our eyes can see 15 stops of dynamic range but our digital cameras can typically only see 7 stops, so we have to get creative when our scene has more dynamic range than the camera can capture.

This image has bright clouds and dark shadows, stretching the capabilities of the camera. In this video I do a full raw edit in the current development version of darktable (1.3+840). I use the shadows and highlights and graduated density plugins to help deal with the high dynamic range in the image, use the velvia module to increase the vibrancy of the colour and introduce the basics of the waveform mode of the histogram and the equalizer module. I go into a lot of detail not only on how to use the modules, but also what all of the sliders and options mean and how they work.

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