darktable is SourceForge Staff Project of the Month

SourceForge Staff have selected darktable as their Project of the Month. In an interview with SourceForge, Developer
and Project Founder Johannes Hanika discusses the project’s history, purpose and direction.

“SF: Has the original vision been achieved?
JH: We would say it has been surpassed quite a bit. Nowadays darktable has features we never imagined would be possible.
It’s translated into languages we will never be able to understand and reached a level of complexity that is only
manageable by a larger community, not a single developer.”

Congratulations for all the hard work to everyone in the darktable community!


Darktable: Equalizer module

darktable is an open source photography workflow application and RAW developer. In this video I run through how to use the powerful Equalizer module. Thanks to Tobias and Johannes for fact checking this video.

I cover the Equalizer module in more detail than you’ll find in one place anywhere, referencing all the way back to the original scientific papers and even asking questions of the amazing developers (Jo and Tobias).

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New features in the darktable 1.4 release

Running through the new features in the darktable 1.4 release. You can see what’s new in the darktable 1.4 release notes.


  • Parametric masks were present in darktable 1.2 by selecting a blend mode then changing the blend dropdown to “only, if…”.
  • Offline mode caches the full RAW file in ~/cache/darktable then writes back the xmp file to the main storage location when it becomes available again.
  • Webp is not built by default but is available as a compile-time option.

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